Is Your Equipment Operating at Its Best?

Is Your Equipment Operating at Its Best?

We offer on-site maintenance and studies for industrial companies

Does your facility use a lot of electrical equipment? You can’t afford to lose days of work because your equipment is malfunctioning or completely broken. Before things get to that point, schedule electrical maintenance services from Powertech Services.

Powertech Services can provide electrical maintenance services for large and small industrial companies. We can visit larger companies on a monthly basis to check on equipment. For smaller businesses, we can check in every few years and update your systems. If your equipment is already damaged or failing, we can:

  • Fix older equipment
  • Put spares into service
  • Rebuild failed equipment
Our services include installing or replacing large circuit breakers. Call us today to book your maintenance appointment.

Increase efficiency with an electrical study

Powertech Services can also figure out how you can use your electrical equipment in the best way for your company with electrical studies. You can also rely on us for arc flash studies that will examine the electrical usage of your facility and your equipment. We’ll set an arc flash boundary for your company and let you know how to keep your employees safe.

Get in touch with us today to test your equipment as soon as possible.